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Zuzka Light

Who is Zuzka Light, how much is her net worth, her salary, her biography, her height, weight, and other thing. Want to know all about her? Well, if you’ve answered yes, then you need to keep reading until the end. We’ve compiled everything that we know about this gorgeous lady.

Zuzka Light is a renowned fitness model. Her real name is Zuzana Majorova and she belongs to Czech Republic. Her pseudonym is Zuzka light. She started her career in the adult film industry.

Yes! She had started her career starring in adult films but then later on she become of the most popular fitness professional.

Until she had moved to North America, Zuzka used to work as a model and a softcore porn model under the name of Susana Spears.

She often describes her experience in the porn industry as the most humiliating one and considers herself lucky that he survived it and is now working as a fitness trainer, helping people build sense of self-worth.

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Strength starts on the inside. It starts with believing in yourself and being willing to put some work in. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard my ZGYM members say things like “I never thought I could do a single pull up and now I’m doing 5 in a row easily!” or “I’ve been following you for a long time but never tried your workouts because I didn’t think I was strong enough to do them and then I gave it a shot and stared with your beginner program and I built my strength. I’m so glad I did it because I’m in the best shape of my life and I do all your advanced workouts. I just wish I started earlier.” This is because women it’s harder for women to believe in themselves. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not strong enough, that we can’t do certain things. Fortunately we live in an era where women are finally being empowered but we still have to fight the echo of the past, that keeps holding us back from being the powerful beings that we are. I believe in you. You may not be as strong as I am today but if you use your mind right and start telling yourself a new more empowering story about yourself, you might become so strong that you’ll just leave me in the dust one day 😉 and I’d be so proud to see that! #zuzkalight #zgym #innerstrength #innerpower #womenspower #fromtheinsideout #strongerthanyouthink #believeinyourself

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Zuzka Light – Biography

Zuzka Light is a well-renowned fitness blogger and also a Vlogger. Her blog name is Zuzka Light blog. She is particularly known for her YouTube Channel, on which she regularly posts workout videos and fitness advices. She has more than 700000 subscribers on YouTube.

Trendcelebsnow.com has ranked as one of the most popular and successful Blogger. She is ranked among the top famous people on the list who were born on April, 1982. Indeed she is one of the richest Bloggers and Vloggers of Czech Republic.

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Most people talk about their goals in terms of things they want to own or achieve, places they want to visit or relationships they want to have (and that’s ok, we all do that and it’s part of life) but we all know that going after these external goals can be frustrating and sometimes achieving them could even turn out to be disappointing. Focusing on the external things is what brings us only frustration because 1. you can’t control your environment and 2. external things can’t bring us true and lasting happiness However, if you start working on your internal world, your external world will naturally change. Whatever you think and feel you will become and the world around you will become the reflection of that as well. Shouldn’t we then focus on being happy, grateful, calm, loving, passionate, cheerful, healthy, and confident? You know you have an incredible potential, so just imagine if you’d focus all your energy on creating the person you want to be. How would you feel? How would you think? How would you deal with challenges? I realized that my internal state is the most important thing. That’s the place from which I can create anything I want or don’t want. I noticed the moment my thoughts turn negative and my energy drops, it feels like the world around me is also being affected by that. It’s like a domino effect. This is why it’s important for me to stay cheerful, grateful and excited for the unknown no matter what is going on because when I’m in these elevated states, things are turning great. #zuzkalight #zgym #mindset #positivenergy #faithinsteadofworry

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Zuzka Light – Short Profile

Her first name is Zuzka and her last name is Light. By profession she is a professional fitness trainer and a blogger.

She was born in 1982 on 29th April, and her age is 37 as of 2019. Her birth place is Prague, Czech Republic.

Let’s look at her Body stats now!


Height: 5’5”, 165 cm

Weight: 126 lbs/ 57 kgs

Breast/Bust Size: 33 Inches

Waist Size: 24 Inches

Hip Size: 35 Inches

Bra Size: 38C US

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Zuzka Light – Some Known Facts

We do not have an insight on her family but we have some facts that might interest you.

  • Zuzka Light’s Birth sign is Taurus
  • She was a famous Adult film model
  • She is 37 years old
  • She is a professional fitness model and a blogger now
  • In 2015 she released her first book: 15 Minutes to Fit!
  • She has a Net Worth Of $69 Million

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