World’s Most Expensive Mansions That Will Blow Your Mind

World's Most Expensive Mansions That Will Blow Your Mind

Every living thing in this world has a habitat to stay in.  Similarly, humans have homes to get shelter from burning sunlight, heavy rain, and frosty snowfall and above all, unwanted people.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter you are an introvert or extrovert you will find ultimate comfort and peace only in your home.

Agree?  Okay, readers, to bless your eyes with some outstanding things, I am going to write about “9 most expensive houses in the world 2020.”   You can enjoy not only this post with a warm steamy coffee but also get some fantastic ideas for an ideal home renovation.  

Top 9 Ultra Expensive Houses Over The World 2020

You can enjoy not only this post with a warm steamy coffee but also get some fantastic ideas for an ideal home renovation.  

1.      Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace always remains at the top in the list of most expensive buildings in the world.  

It’s one of the most archetypal kinds of the architect is history.  This palace cost almost 1.5 billion dollars, with 52 bedrooms, 775 rooms, so many office spaces and 78 bathrooms.  

This remarkable palace is owned by the royal family of England and is situated in London.  

It will become more expensive in the coming years.  Its aesthetic beauty and historical status make it an apple of the tourist’s eye.  

2.      Antilia


Antilia is a marvellous building owned by Mukesh Ambani. He is the wealthiest person of India and the owner world-famous brand “Reliance”.

It is situated in Mumbai. Antilia has 27 floors with 3 helipads and 6 underground car parking floors.

600 members take care of this building, and its overall cost is almost 1 billion dollars.  

This is one of the most expensive and as well as prettiest buildings of the world.  

3.      18-19 Kensington Palace gardens

18-19 Kensington Palace gardens

This beautiful home is situated next to Prince William’s home in England’s Billionaires Row.

It has 12 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, Turkish style bathrooms and 20 slots for car parking.  

This palace is owned by another wealthy Indian named Lakshmi Mittal the head of world’s biggest company Arcelor Mittal.  

The overall cost of this premise is about 222 million dollars.

4.      Hearst Castle  

Hearst Castle

Have you watched “Godfather?  If yes, then you must have seen Hearst Castle in this movie.

It’s one of the most expensive building in the world with a net worth of 199 million dollars.

It’s the most visited tourist spot in California. 

It has 27 luxurious bedrooms. Many famous celebrities stayed here including, Clark Gable, John, Jackie Kennedy and Winston Churchill.  

If you ever visit California. Never forget to visit this marvellous place as its one of the most beautiful and luxurious buildings of the world.  

5.      Four Fairfield Pond

Four Fairfield Pond

Four Fortified Pond is one of the most significant buildings in the world occupying 63 acres of land with massive green boundaries.

It has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a squash ground, basketball court and indoor swimming pool.

This stunning premise has its own well-established powerhouse to avoid power supply issues.

Rennert is the owner of this place, and this luxurious house is situated in the fastest city in the world one and only “New York.” 

6.      17 Upper Phillimore Gardens

17 Upper Phillimore Gardens

With 10 bedrooms and luxurious swimming pool, 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens comes in the list of most precious houses in the world. It’s situated in London.  

The net worth of this property is 128 million dollars.  Olena Pinchuk is the owner of this home who is the daughter of Ukraine’s (second president Leonid Kuchma).

A luxury Sauna gym, in-house swimming pool and big silver screen is included in its stunning features. The architecture of this home is very unique and expensive.  

7.      Seven The Pinnacle

Seven The Pinnacle

It is located in Big Sky, Montana owned by Edra and Tim Blixseth. The net worth of this home is 155 million dollars. 

In-house swimming pool, wine basement, a golf court, a vast playground and lavish parking lot are some of the prominent features of this luxurious building.  

It also has ski fi floors, warmed floors and well-equipped gym that makes it more precious.  

8.      Villa La Leopolda

Villa La Leopolda

This incredible building is situated in Cote D’Azure, France.  The net worth of this luxurious premise is 750 million dollars.  

Lily Safra is the owner of this home. You must have seen this home in “To Catch a Thief” film.

If not! Then watch the movie right now or visit this beautiful place next time you visit France.  

This is a well-maintained luxurious premise with a vast swimming pool and parking facility. This is a fantastic tourist spot in France.  

9.      Kensington Palace

With a net worth of 165 million dollars, this luxurious place comes in the list of most expensive homes in the world.

The architecture of this home is very unique and eye-catching. Also, it has been decorated with precious upholstery that adds up to its charisma.

A Russian Roman Abramovich is the owner of this beautiful home.  

The top features of this palace area, swimming pool, gym, parking lot and distinct architect.

And yes, soon, this place will have an underground tennis court as well.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these fabulous places.  Also, if you want to add some luxury features in your home, then home remodelling can be quite helpful in this aspect.  

Certain companies claim to provide up to the mark remodelling services at affordable packages.

But to find a reliable home renovation company, you need to research thoroughly.

And also make a requirement chart to speak in detail with the service provider.