Will WWE Stephanie McMahon be able to bring a new change in the current new era of the company?

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon was born on September 24th, 1976 and made her debut in 1998. She is a professional wrestler, valet, and businesswoman who Is the (CBO) chief brand officer of the (world wrestling entertainment). She comes from a family that has started this billion-dollar industry and is considered the 4th generation of the McMahon family. She is the daughter of WWE’s chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Upon her debut, she was only looked like the leader type figure which helps the company for many years.  WWE Stephanie has proved how talented and intelligent she can be by making matches announcements and taking the legacy of her family to the next level. She and her husband Triple H has run the company together as ‘’the authority’’ and proved that no matter what happens no one can replace her when it comes to making decisions.

What she has accomplished in her career so far?

She is three times WWF/E women’s champion in 2001

How was her early career?

Back when she was part of the attitude era Stephanie did not get too much attention because she was not a wrestler but as a valet who comes with various superstars and makes online relationships. But did not quite get well and was resumed to focus on her career to get the power.

Has she really helped to push the career of so many female wrestlers?

She is not particularly a wrestler but as part-timer who helped many careers to give the Right pushes by stepping in the ring with various divas and showed her courage and enthusiasm what she is willing to do to get the power in this business. The way she treats everyone totally shows how arrogant she has become.

Is the way of her treating the superstars has changed?

Unfortunately, she remains the same and treats all the male and female wrestlers to show how much power she has in her hands to control and manipulate all of them by punishing them. But that is the duty of a boss to do with her employees.

Why fans loved her so much?

Regardless of what image WWE Stephanie has made in front of the fans, they still like her because her ways of entertaining is very different. Her popularity is just increasing and there is no social page left where she is not talk of the town.

What about her present condition in the company

Right now she and her brother are the co-general managers of Monday night Raw and together they are running the show by making separate decisions for a superstar that will determine the future of the company which is going very well.

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