Will the new WWE Diva come on top as new women’s champion this year in the female division?

WWE Diva

Sasha Banks was born on January 26, 1992, and made her wrestling debut in 2010. She is a professional wrestler and apparently signed with the WWE. The future of female wrestlers in the company you can see that it is under great hands with the talent like her. There only a few women who can define their era and legacy which now perhaps the torch has been passed to Sasha banks. Undoubtedly she has proven over time and time again that there is no one like her because she has already defeated so many new female wrestlers and has brought the true divas revolution in the company. She wrestled is like a pure woman who has the perfect physique, talking skills, enthusiasm, and speed to be called the ‘’BOSS’’. She is the new WWE Diva who has everything that we can hope for and soon when her time comes then we can all see it will going to be amazing.

How she began her early career?

Every great wrestler has chosen his own way of starting their career where she started wrestling as rookie in the chaotic wrestling for two years and the world truly acknowledge her wrestling abilities.

How was her NXT journey?

As traditionally speaking of, to be part of the main roster you first have to prove yourself in company’s developmental program NXT where she made a lot of history for the last three years. Defeating every single next generation diva and earned the right to be called the champion.

What she has accomplished in her career so far?

1) She is one time NXT women’s champion

2) One time chaotic women’s champion

3) Participated in wrestle mania 32 (first big PPV)

After losing championship match opportunity will she get a championship singles match?

Just like any male or female wrestler opportunity comes in many forms and it totally depends on her how she will take it. But we can see how she is more focused and determined than ever and soon will get her championship match. After all, as the new WWE Diva, she can do anything to get back in the competition.

Why fans love her so much?

She has become the fans favorite very quickly because the way she entertains them there is not equal to that and her fan following is just getting increasing every day.

What about her present state in the company?

You can’t underestimate the power of a next-generation diva and at this moment she is wrestling in weekly shows and attending events all over the world you can expect this year belongs to her. She will wrestler Charlotte for the women’s championship at Battleground PPV on July 24, 2016.

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