Why is Elephant Auto Insurance so Cheap in UK

Elephant Auto Insurance

Why is Elephant Auto Insurance so Cheap in UK


Elephant Insurance Company is an Automobile insurance provider that sprung in 2000. It is one of today’s most renowned firms that gives the cheapest insurance cost with basic coverage of your car.


Elephant is initially a subsidiary of Admiral Group, an insurance-based firm located in Wales. The firm was able to expand their business and reach Canada as well as the US. It currently operates in 6 states namely Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

The firm is tagged as the first online auto insurance provider. It offers low costs as it is does not have many branches nor does it hire agents or broker that would take their share in the profit. It only Underwrites car insurance and offers huge discounts and packages through its partners namely Homesite, DairyLand.

Why is it the Best

Elephant is a complete online service that provides easy navigation and you can purchase a policy within 10 minutes.

It meets both state insurance requirements and the lender insurance requirements as well.

They offer basic coverage and minimize on add-ons. You can, however, avail them if you want to at cheaper costs.

Customer service is available to you 24/7. Your queries and get immediate assistance.

The firm has a Legal Assistance Program that will give you legal advices upon an additional premium and facilitate your queries.

Claim Insurance Benefits

The Elephant does its best to ease its customers and process their Claim Requests. There are several ways in which you can do it. They have online forms as well as email ids, if you wish to mail them directly. You can also call on their toll-free number and report for your claim to a customer representative who will process your request.

The website is also very clear and viewer-friendly and you can get any information related to insurance claims right in front of you.

How is Elephant Insurance Cheaper?

Costs of Overhead: As mentioned above, Elephant is an online auto insurance provider. Therefore there are no agents or brokers involved and this direct link with no intermediaries allows the firm to cut down on costs and provide the cheapest rates to you.  Also if you become a customer than you can even shop out other policies through Elephant and their Partner Firms and save upon additional costs.

A Simple Save by Driving Safe. : The firm has a Diminishing Deductions program. If you drive carefully and have an accident-free record than you can instantly save upon $100 and about $500 over 5 years on your insurance.

Multiple Discounts: There are a lot of discounts offers that you can avail all at once. The requirement is just that you meet their processing criteria.  You can select among many types such as student discount, multi-policy discount, Paperless discount, paid-in-full discount.

Additional Perks

Management: You can manage your Insurance policies online and get quicker quotes of registrations.

Top rated Insurance Policies: All the policies are ranked among the best insurance policies that you can avail.

Easy access: You can easily access through the site or install the app on your smartphone.

Save big: Save big on insurance. The more you save, the cheaper it will become for you.