Why Dwayne Johnson is considered the most popular superstar among the past and current wrestlers of WWE

Dwayne Johnson

Description: want to know about Why Dwayne Johnson is considered the most popular superstar among the past and current wrestlers of WWE? In here you will get all the answers and information about his career.


Dwayne (the rock) Johnson was born on May 2, 1972 and made his ring debut in 1995. He is a professional wrestler, actor, and producer. He is currently signed with WWE to appear only on big events once in a year. When we are talking about the WWE how we can forget the most electrifying man on all the sports entertainment. Yea he only superstar who still has what it takes to become the true face of the company today. The wrestler left from the attitude era that we all love to see the way he entertain us, Excellent mike skills, a brilliant talker. He comes from the Samoan family. A true legend and many past and present wrestlers have said about him the biggest superstar in the history of this business. Dwayne Johnson had so many amazing and awesome matches and has rivalries that no one will ever forget. Having the perfect body, muscles, shape, makes him an ideal choice for everyone.

What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) The first to third generation of superstar in the company

2) 10 times WWE world heavyweight champion

3) 2 times intercontinental champion

4) 5 times WWE tag team champion

5) 2000 royal rumble winner

6) Triple- crown champion in the history of the WWE

Does he still have the ability to wrestle in the new era of the company?

The rock is the only wrestler who hasn’t lost his touch ever since retiring from the ring and turn to Hollywood. He has maintained himself in all these years. He is the all time best seller and made a great impact in the acting world. If he gets a chance to come back he will definitely return and kick some candy asses because he has the perfect knowledge and experience to show some of the new generation superstars in the ring. He was the company’s main face from 1996 to 2004 and still going stronger than ever.

Why fans like him and admire him so much?

Which person is not following him, whether it is on social media, or in real life, everyone loves him and sees him as the true living legend that raise the industry right on the top where it is right now. He has the most fans in the entire world the reason the way he entertains them with his mike skills certainly knows how to get the live crowd behind him.

What about his current status in the company?

Apparently, WWE is convincing  Dwayne Johnson to come back in wrestling, we can expect to see him in the next year of the big PPV wrestle mania 33 and many speculations are around said that his opponent will be none other than his old nemesis Triple H.

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