Which movie stone cold is best from his old wrestling days in the WWE

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Stone cold Steve Austin was born on December 18th, 1964 and made his legendary wrestling debut in 1989. He is an actor, producer, and currently retired professional wrestler (American) still signed with WWE (world wrestling entertainment).when you talk about how this company reached on top it was only because of this one legend who carry the company on his back for so many years by playing the antihero role and gave us the unforgettable memories. During his career, he made so many historic rivalries and feuds with every top wrestler that made him more famous. No matter what you say about him he is certainly the guy who helped build the place and still working with them to make it better. Perhaps the biggest star of the WWE who wrestled in every brand of it from (WCW), (ECW), and (WWF/E) but most people want to see some of the best movie stone-cold that made him that much famous in his career to relive the moment again.

Here are some of its historic videos that you might want to see again to see how this amazing superstar came on top with his own hard work and determination towards his profession.

Attitude Era;

He is the one who started the attitude era back then WWF and winning so many championships and headlining bigger PPV’s like wrestler mania. All of his videos are available online to see and relive the past when the wrestling was truly awesome. There isn’t wrestler left he had not wrestled and gave us the astonishing moments.

Feud with Vince McMahon:

The only wrestler in the history of the company who tried to made a rivalry against his own boss. Clearly who does not know about their feuds who went on and on for so many years, Stone cold has proved that no matter what he will never bow down to the system and authority and will do things in his own way.

Becoming the general manager of RAW:

Becoming the GM of the RAW was the best moves he could ever do where he controls everything in his path and decide the fate of the superstars. This may be his best movie stone-cold ever in his career where everything was entertaining and all the matches he made were so much excellent. You can go and watch all his memorable acts as GM and see how he was different from all the other past wrestlers.

What about his present position in the company?

At this moment the assigned to host the WWE podcast show after every weekly show and interview new superstars about their thought and minds how they can become better and plan their matches all goes live.

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