What makes John CENA wrestling different from all the other wrestlers in the current generation of the roster?

john CENA

John Cena was born on April 23rd, 1977 and 1999 is the year when he made his wrestling debut. He is a professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and former bodybuilder currently signed with WWE (world wrestling entertainment). He was the face of the company for the last 10 years and a perfect leading example for the next generation of wrestlers to look up to him. He is without a doubt the hardest worker in the roster and always willing to help his fellow superstars. If you look up to his career you can see that he has accomplished every single thing with his popularity and pure determination. He has been in the most awesome and jaw-dropping matches from past and present generation of wrestlers. An idol for future wrestlers to come and see how much he has taken the company to the heights it is right now, John CENA wrestling has made the word impossible into possible showing that you can do anything if you show guts through his wrestling skills and determination.

What about his past accomplishments in the WWE?

1) He is fifteen times WWE world heavyweight champion

2) Five times United States champion

3) Four times WWE tag team champion

4) 2012 money in the bank winner

5) Three times SLAMMY award winner as (superstar of the year)

6) 2008 and 2013 royal rumble winner

7) He had the longest reignof WWE champion in the history of the company

Apart from wrestling what he also does?

Wrestling is his passion and he always will live up to be the one, apart from that he is also an actor and a rapper. He has been in many Hollywood movies in the supporting roles and lead roles and also he is the founder of the Make a Wish foundation by granting children to cheer them up and give motivation who is suffering from any illness.

What else he yet need to achieve in his legendary career?

John is a wrestler who is always hungry for more competition in the ring and always welcomes new challenges and newcomers with ease and always believes in ‘’Never give Up’’ mantra that works for him and he manages to overcome the odds and it seems he has no boundary never stop to make his career to remember for all the ages.

Why fans love him so much?

Fans has very special place for him the way he inspires the millions with his heart touching speeches and entertains in the ring is worth to love. They truly love John CENA wrestling style and his tactics.

What about his present condition in the company?

Presently, He has come back from an injury and has started the feud that no one would ever be thought happen he bas begin a new rivalry with AJ styles let’s see how long this feud will go.

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