What makes Dean Ambrose attorney the most different wrestler in the next generation of the superstars in the company?

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose was born on December 7, 1985, and made his debut in 2004. He is a professional wrestler and actor as well. The current face of the company and signed with the WWE (world wrestling entertainment). We all have seen so many different types of wrestlers over the period of time competing in the ring but none of them get close to the Dean Ambrose attorney the way he performs. His ring abilities are something that makes him very different his style and way of talking in mike many of the critics sees him as the next stone cold of this generation. He is former member of the group called shield where he performed with other to fellow wrestlers Roman reigns and Seth Rollins. Upon his debut in the WWE, he made quite an impact that no one ever forgets. He had great feuds upon his debut and many past legends said he could be the next big face of the company in the coming years.

What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) He is newly crowned WWE world heavyweight champion (current)

2) He has been the United States champion for over 351 days (the third longest record in the history of WWE.

3) Headlined so many great PPV’s including wrestle mania

4) Made his acting debut in the WWE’s movie production 12 rounds 3 lockdown

5) Money in the bank winner 2016

Does he make a great fit in the next generation of wrestlers?

Today, there isn’t anyone in the current roster who works very hard in the ring except for Dean Ambrose. After living the shield, he has proven himself that he is here to stay for a long time and will achieve so much. He has the potential to become the champion we all want to see in him and suitable superstar for the current generation.

Why fans loved him so much?

There is a reason why dean has made a very strong connection with WWE universe that is very hard to break. They cheer him because and the way he entertains them. A few superstars manage to connect with fans that he has done in a very short time. It is clear that Dean Ambrose attorney has just begun in the new era of the company which will prevail for long time.

What about his current status in the company?

At this moment he has become the new WWE world heavyweight champion by cashing his contract on the same night and will defend his title against his former shield members Seth Rollins and Roman reigns and battleground pay per view on July 24, 2016.

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