Top 9 Best Wireless Mouse – Best Review And Guide Line

Top 9 Best Wireless Mouse – Best Review And Guide

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The 21st century can also be called the ‘wireless century’. With the rapid technological advancement, humans have come up with ways to perform their work efficiently yet easily, going wireless is one such way. The invention of the wireless mouse only took the process one step ahead. After all, who would want to bear with the wires getting all tangled up and being in the way of performing your tasks? Definitely not me! So, to help you pick the best wireless mouse of them all, we bring to you the best possible review and guide on wireless mouse.

J – Tech Endurance:

J – Tech Endurance

The vertical design of the J tech endurance scroll mouse makes it the best option if you want to work for long hours without putting too much strain on your wrist. Not just that, but the optical sensor on J Tech endurance is pretty high resolution, giving it an amazing accuracy. It also comes with a DPI that can be adjusted according to your needs between DPI 800, 1200 and 1600 and so, with all these qualities, the j tech endurance is one of the finer wireless mouse available out there.

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Redragon Perdition:

Redragon Perdition

The redragon peridition with its very rad red and black look can be considered as a less expensive yet amazing alternative to the other gaming mice. It comes with six adjustable DPI levels – 800, 1200,1600,2400,3200 and 4,800 and a precision that is to die for. Its professional gaming software, 20’ range and a design that ensures good air flow make it a must have for anybody who’s a diehard gamer.

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Razer Naga Chroma:

Razer Naga Chroma

The razor naga Chroma makes its way to one of the best MMO options with its razor synapse 2.0 software and lighting quick wireless mode. It comes with a 2.5 mm laser depth and weighs 138 grams. The razor naga also makes its mark in the wireless mouse arena with its very colorful lightning and amazing wireless mouse functionality.

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Tecknet hyper track:

The tecknet hyper track is a programmable laser gaming wireless mouse with a dpi that can be adjusted up to 16,400. It contains weight tuning cartridges that is a great addition for people who like heavier mice while gaming to keep things stable. 10 programmable buttons and an easy to hold design are some of the features which make this mouse a good thing to buy.

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Logitech m705:

Logitech m705

Logitech is known for its high quality yet affordable products and this wireless mouse is no different. Its ergonomic design makes using it a very comfortable experience and the 3 years of battery life are just another feather on its cap. Hyper fast scrolling with precision and a connection that doesn’t lag are some of its features that we are in love with however you might not feel the same way if you’re left handed as the Logitech m705 isn’t designed for the left handed.

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Logitech MX Master 2S :

Logitech MX Master 2S

With the presence of two mouse wheels and “flow”, a feature that enables you to transfer files between neighboring PCs, This wireless mouse is definitely one that’s worth buying. The 4000 dpi precision sensor and the 3 minute charge time that can last a day are worth spending your money on.

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Utech smart Venus:

Utech smart Venus

With 16,400 DPI, the utech smart Venus has sometimes been dubbed the greatest gaming mouse by some users. 18 fully programmable buttons and a great grip along with a polling rate up to 1000 hz make the utech smart Venus a very smart choice.

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HP X4000:

HP X4000

The laser precision HPX4000 works on most surfaces and is nicely sculpted, fitting comfortably into the hand. Battery life is somewhere around 30 months and the roaming range is 30 m or 10ft. fast and smooth, the HP X 4000 is something that you should consider while buying a wireless mouse.

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Logitech g602:

Logitech g602

Logitech g602 once again comes with a great user friendly design and well thought out button placement. All of its 11 buttons are easily accessible and the DPI ranges between 200 to 2,500 which might not be the best option for die hard gamers. However, what the Logitech g602 has got right is the battery life. Powered by two AA batteries, you can carry on gaming for about 250 hours or use it with a single AA battery, if you’re keen on not letting the mouse weigh you down, with a 125 hour lifespan. When it comes to options, this wireless mouse seems to provide a lot of them, with a mode switcher on its central button that lets you switch from performance to endurance.

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So, we’ve bought to you our guide of the top best wireless mouse out there. Hope you choose wisely and get the best wireless mouse that fits according to your needs, be it for pro gaming purposes or random everyday scrolling.