Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Trending In 2020

Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be a hidden corner in your home used only for the purpose of cooking.  It was not used for preparing meals and doing dishes. Fast forward to 2020, and the scenario has altered completely. Today, it serves multifold.

In addition to preparing your favorite meal, you also use it for bringing everyone in the family together and have some fun time after a full day’s tiring work. It would not be wrong to say that today the kitchen is the center of your home.

In the past few years, the kitchen decoration has improved a lot. Just like every other thing, technology has also transformed your kitchen. Today’s kitchen is way smarter as it is fully equipped with the latest appliances which have made our lives easier.

When we talk about renovation, there are hundreds of small kitchen remodeling ideas available. In this article, we are going to describe just those ideas which were extensively used in 2020. Have a look:

Dark Colored Cabinets

This year, we finally witnessed white color cabinets making their way out. There is no doubt that white gives a very elegant look to your kitchen but it was overused in the past few years.

This year, dark color kitchen cabinets remained the top priority of the homeowners. People preferred using black, navy blue, plum, and emerald green colors. If you want to remodel your kitchen, try using these colors and give your kitchen a dramatic and luxurious feel.

Streamline Designs Are In

People have gone more streamlined in designing the overall look of their kitchens. In the last decade, we saw that there was extensive use of farmhouses like kitchens.

Though this style is still being followed, more and more people are now making design choices which are minimal. With a minimalistic approach, you can give your kitchen a modern yet simple look.

In a modern kitchen, they have removed upper wall cabinets that make your kitchen look much larger and brighter. For more storage, people now prefer using open shelves.

Quartz Remained The Top Pick

This year again, we observed that quartz remained the king. It was the preferred choice of people for designing kitchen countertops that give an added beauty to your kitchen. Quartz comes in a variety of colors and finishes. When you chose quartz for your kitchen, you have the option of installing a realistic stone pattern.

These unique styles remained immensely popular among clients. Nearly all the kitchen remodeling contractors in Burlingame CA will recommend you using quartz for your countertops.

Kitchen Became Smart

The year 2020 is speedily moving towards the wrap-up, however, the use of technology in the kitchen is here to stay. This year, we witnessed the extensive use of technology in every field of life. The same goes for the kitchen remodeling industry. 

Homeowners love to buy these modern fancy gadgets for their kitchen. Today, you can have a kitchen where you can control everything from lighting to running faucets merely with a touch on your smartphones. If you want to take advantage of this added convenience, try making it smart.

Use Of Ceramic Tiles Became popular

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood still is the preferred choice of homeowners. However, this year, it was seen that ceramic tile became extensively popular among people as they come in a variety of designs and styles. You also buy a design that resembles a lot with natural stone.

Final Thoughts!

This was our quick recap of the year 2020. Though there are still two months to go, however, there are no changes expected. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, confidently make use of these trending kitchen ideas.