Top 10 Money-Saving Tips and Tricks for Pool Maintenance In 2019

To be honest, pool maintenance is often neglected until the walls of the pool have started to turn green from the slime or the filter of the pool has been clogged due to leaves. Keep in mind, that waiting until the problem tends to worsen can, without a doubt, cost a lot of time and money than it would have if you had established a regular maintenance routine.

Most of the people find DIY pool maintenance ventures tempting. If you are one of the DIY fanatics, we have some time and cost-savvy tips & tricks for pool maintenance. Follow these tips, and enjoy your pool. Neglect pool regular pool maintenance and rest assured, you’ll spend more time searching for affordable pool renovation companies near you.

1. Hoard The Vacuum Head In The Right Way

One of the main reasons you might need to repair or replace the head of the vacuum because the brushes on the base of the head have flattened or have completely tumbled off. 

Place and store the head of the vacuum upside down and away from the sun. while in winters, you would need to make sure that the vacuum head stays away from chlorine at any cost. By doing this, you will be able to extend the life-span of the vacuum head. 

2. Close The Above Ground Pool On Your Own 

Although, the cost of closing the above ground pool ought to cost a lot. Yes! The cost directly relies upon how large your swimming pool is. One of the best things that you can do is figure out how to cover or close the ground pool on your own. 

3. Choose To Use A Solar Cover For Your Pool Heater 

The solar panel covers, or as most people like to call “Solar blankets”, maintain the temperature of the swimming pool, they keep out debris, and along with that they help draw in heat directly from the sun. 

Therefore, if you are using a solar pool heater during the night, it will help in preventing the heat from dispersing from the swimming pool. 

4. Baking Soda To Raise Alkalinity 

Did you know that adding Baking soda into the pool will increase the alkalinity level of the water? But would you think of it as cost-savvy? It relies upon what sort of alkalinity chemicals you normally used to buy before choosing to add baking soda. 

5. Keeping The Pool Cover Clean In Winters

When the swimming pool is opened in the spring season, it might look like a swamp. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this at all. There are many things that you can do to prevent this to happen. After you have finally cleaned the pool cover, dump a lot of chemicals to clean the pool water.

When you make this a habit, it won’t matter when spring season is just around the corner, you’ll be happy that you kept the pool cover clean. What’s more important is that the same pool cover can be used to cover the pool in the following winters as well.  

6. Use The Pool Pump Less 

During summer, run your pool pump for only 10 – 12 hours a day. Because you need to keep the water of the pool as clean as possible and moving so you don’t keep running into any issues, for example, moss and algae growth. 

Mosses and Algae grow in warm water. Therefore, you need to run the pool pump less when the climate is mild. 

7. Buy Pool Cleaning Chemicals In Bulk  

One of the best places to buy pool chemicals is from small pool stores as they have a lot of enticing packages you might be interested in buying. They even might have some chemicals leftover from last year’s stock which they need to get rid of to make space for their new stock inventory. 

8. Keep The Pool Pump On During Night-Time

7:00 am to 7:00 pm is the peak hour for most companies that distribute electricity. Yes! This is the time at which you will be charged insanely high for the power you use. To prevent from high energy bills, run the pool pump at night or amid off-peak hours. 

Author Bio: 

Tom Dexter is an Experienced Pool Remodeler and has been in this business for the past two decades. He is very passionate about his work and keeps himself updated with all the latest trends in the market. He knows almost all the time and costs savvy ways to maintain the pool.