Top 10 Best dd-wrt router list – Best Review & Guide

Top 10 Best dd-wrt router list – Best Review & Guide

Best dd-wrt router list


As technology has revolutionized our phones to smart phones, out Personal computers to laptops and tablets, routers are not far behind.  Most routers now are now wireless. the more speedy and are able to give much more accessibility to a large number of devices.

This article may provide you with the information you may need about the top dd-wrt routers that are available in the market:


1) Asus RT-AC66U

One of the top dd-wrt router includes Asus RT-AC66U. If you are looking to buy a budget-friendly router. Then congratulations! You have found your match.

This router is not just easy on the pockets but provides speed with consistent performance. It is equipped with 4 LAN ports, 2 USB ports, and 6 antennas as well as gives malware protection. The USB ports allow you to connect various devices with it.  And to put icing on the cake, its initial set up process is extremely user-friendly. The only issue with this dd-wrt router is that its tall antennas cannot be removed.

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2) TP-Link Archer C7v4

The number 2 on our list is TP-link, the next generation dd-wrt router that offer 4 times the speed of its competitors. Its features include a robust black body with three antennas. Moreover, it provides its users easy as a walk in the park installation process.

Apart from easy set up, it is not heavily priced and has four LAN ports and 2 USB slots allowing connectivity and access to various external hard drives. However, its down side include limited features and not consistent performance.

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3) Asus RT-AC88U

Asus router yet again makes it to the top of the list of the best dd-wrt routers.

A jet black colour giving a more aesthetic feel than other routers. With its four antennas, it gives its user the MIMO feature. This is a technology found in a few routers. MIMO stand for multiple inputs and multiple outputs, this is a wireless technology that makes use of various antennas to maximize speed and minimize errors.

This router is definitely not easy on the pockets; however, very much worth your money due to the amazing blend of features it gives. This includes eight LAN ports, a speedy wifi capability with slots for 2 USBs. Its quality is spot on! Its drawback included its heavy price.

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4) MikroTik Hex

An inexpensive router that makes it to 4th place on our top dd-wrt router list. MikroTik Hex apart from being budget friendly offers its users 5 LAN ports as well as secure access to the internet. However, its flaws include not user friendly to set up and though to be much more complex than other routers.

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5) GL.iNet AR300

5th place on our list of the top dd-wrt routers is GL.iNet AR300, a small router that is equipped with everything that you might need in a router. This includes 3 Gigabit Ethernet Lan slots of which one can be used for either LAN or WAN. Moreover, it offers PoE that is power over Ethernet support and 2 USB slots with space for a MicroSD card as well. It has a user friendly interface that allows easy navigation and has a robust server that allows easy access for storage and the internet.

However, the area where this device loses points is the fact that its wifi performance is not excellent yet it’s good enough and it is unable to handle very heavy traffic.

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6) Netgear R7800

Netgear basically is available in two versions which include D7800 and R7800. The Netgear R7800’s core strengths lies on its speed. It is one of the fastest routers available in the market offering its users AC2600 Wifi. It also offers a good range which goes upto 5GHz. Another 4 antenna router offering MIMO technology, this is where multiple antennas are used to maximize speed and reduce errors. This jet black router gives consistent performance to its users. A flaw includes that is much more expensive than other routers in the market. Furthermore

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7) TrendNet 824DRU

Trendnet has emerged as a dominant international networking hardware trademark, making its router coming on number 7 on our list. Its notable features include the ability to generate two contemporaneous Wi-Fi networks, low latency gaming and voice streams, a 1300 mega bytes per second Wi-Fi AC and a 450 mbps Wi-Fi N space network. This device also shapes network traffic to enhance each associated encounter and explicitly exhibits all connected application traffic.

It also provides with a USB port enabling you to share files and printers conveniently. Furthermore, its key point is that it is a product of ‘Green’ technology that ensures you save energy when investing in this router. Its flaws include slow in shifting screen interface.

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8) MikroTik HAP AC Lite

As with any great device, the HAP AC LITE comes with multiple incredible features. Starting off with the fact that this device is furnished with 650 MHz CPU, a 64 mb RAM, and a 510/100 mbps Ethernet port. It also is equipped with a USB port for 3g\4g modem.

The advantages of the HAP AC LITE include that it comes with an additional 5 GHz radio that lets you effortlessly duplicate your wireless network capacity provided there exists the same amount of access points. Furthermore, the TX power is sufficient enough to cover a well-furnished space to assure great performance.

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages associated with this router. Beginning with the absence of the Power over Ethernet (PoE), the limited support of packages of routers and the lack of one Ethernet port.

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9) Netgear R7000P

The Netgear router R7000P also known as the ‘smart’ router is the first of its kind to offer Netgear Armor, a cloud based cyber security option provided to the users for safe access across networks including smart devices at home as well as controlling locks and thermostats, which is powered by Bitdefender.

A router that gives 5 Ethernet as well as USB ports and parental controls where websites can be filtered to provide your children with age-appropriate material. Furthermore, it gives its users a friendly interface to use and its east to set up and install. However, the three antenna router gives access to some of its features through subscriptions which is a bummer.

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10) Netgear Nighthawk X10

Netgear Nighthawk X10 is another excellent performing router that makes to the top 10th on our list. It is especially customized and designed for homes that are large and spacious. It provides its users with high speed of connectivity as well as for file transfer. Furthermore, the four antenna modem is equipped with MIMO technology, that is, multiple inputs and multiple outputs where errors are minimized to give users excellent performance without compromise. Its notable features include multiple LAN ports and USB ports and has user friendly interface. However, the drawback for this router is that it is very expensive.

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