The Russian School of Mathematics

Study of Math:

Mathematics is one of the most important branches of science. It is studied in almost all kinds of scientific subjects. Thus, anyone studying biology, chemistry, or physics must have knowledge of math for the better understanding. Without learning math, other information would not be complete. Provided its high significance, many countries have special schools and departments that are solely dedicated for the study of mathematics. One such example is the Russian School of Mathematics. It is often abbreviated as RSM.

About the Russian school of Mathematics:

The famous Russian school of mathematics is actually a program that takes place after school. It is meant for spreading the education of mathematics for kids of K-12 of both private and public schools. It gives children a chance to excel in mathematics apart from the simple and traditional course taught in the schools. The Russian school of mathematics was founded by Inesa Rifkin and the co-founder is Irene Khavinson. The school has won many awards for the services it provides i.e. helping the children of all grades have a strong base for mathematics and also in developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The school possesses a systematic approach and curriculum that is created on the basis of the best practices being carried out in the math schools of Europe and former Soviet Union. All the techniques applied are inspired from the educational   environment of the United States. All teachers are trained and dedicated. They are eminent by their wide-ranging background in the field of mathematics and their passion. Students have also been given the easiness of the online courses in places where there’s no physical branch.

RSM’s focus:

Primary mathematics is the main focus of the Russian school of mathematics. Classes for higher grades provides guidance and preparation for the tests like SAT, SAT II, and AP. Intensive reinforcement of the topics is done in each class using various exercises and examples. Both classwork and homework are used for the purpose of reinforcement.

Outstanding results:

Since more than two decades, students of the Russian school of mathematics have been showing remarkable results in the standardized exams both in national and international competitions regarding math. But, this is just one main benefit of the Russian school of mathematics program. Other benefits include development of many important life skills in the students’ personality such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Student portals:

Different student portals have been set up for different branches of the Russian school of mathematics. All kinds of information is available on these portals. For instance, in order to know about the Framingham events, you must check the RSM student portal Framingham where all activities of your child will be displayed. The portal will keep updating you about all the events and activities taking place in the school along with how your child is performing and responding towards these lessons and activities.

This shows why the Russian school of mathematics is so popular and award-winning program. Its services are outranging and parents and children love studying math here.