S4 Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

S4 Dota 2

S4 Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Gustav Magnusson, more popularly known as S4 is a Swedish professional DotA 2 player currently working on Evil Geniuses.

He was born on 1 April 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is passionate about his gaming skills and switched upon many games while practicing in the start. His professional career started by playing Heroes of Newerth before joining Team Empire to play DotA 2 in 2012. The team was experimenting at this time and after a two months period, S4 left the team just to form one of his own, called “The Tough Bananas”. His mate Balsam was also a part of this team.

The team won a few tournaments securing a better position thus the Copenhagen picked the team up in July 2012. However the team’s ranking began to decline and S4 left the squad this time to create team “No Tidehunter”. Other players of this team included AdmiralBulldog black and kizzles. This team initiated in September 2012 and won The Revenge 1 and Dreamhack Winter 2012 Corsair Vengeance Cup.

S4 became the team captain in. this year and was picked by Alliance in April 2013. The team succeeded in winning on top positions in the upcoming tournaments. The team saw their downfall at The Internationals.

S4 left the Alliance in 2014 and created Team Secret with Na’Vi. They had a good win rate but could not compete at major tournaments like the LANS. His girlfriend Nara supports his goal and is a partner to his activities.

S4 is one of the player who has founded his own teams a multiple of times. He has played in 106 tournaments and earned $2,163,943.71 prize money so far. His current playing on The Evil Geniuses keeps on improving by the day and he still plans to excel in the gaming industry. His major roles are playing as the OffLane and Carry roles. He experiments when he plays on his own and then puts into practical while playing for his team. He strives for the finishing touch on the games and helping his team to victories. His fan following keeps on growing and so does his confidence on himself.