Roman Reign’s suspension: A top story in WWE sports

Roman Reigns

In the world of WWE sports Roman Reign’s suspension is the top story these days. He has been suspended for 30 days after failing in the WWE wellness policy. The result of his reports came right after two or three days when he lost the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Roman Reign WWE champion:

Few days before Roman Reign whose real name is Joseph Anoa’i was one the top faces of WWE. He has won the title of heavyweight championship three times. He is the one time winner of WWE tag team. He has also won the 2015 Royal Rumble.  But now he is in top stories not for his titles but for violating the WWE wellness policies.

WWE wellness policy:

WWE wellness program was implemented in the year 2006 by the company to successfully identify the health issues in wrestlers that may not have been diagnosed otherwise.

The company website says in this regard that”WWE wellness policy is unique in the entertainment industry and is being considered to be as good as the testing programs started by major sports leagues and government agencies”.

Under the policy of this program alleged wrestler is suspended for 30 days after first violation, 60 days after second violation and is being fired after third violation.

Roman Reign’s apology:

Roman Reign has made an apology statement on twitter about his suspension from WWE. He said that he apologizes to his family fans and friends for this failure in WWE wellness test. And he takes responsibility of it.

Rumors behind the story:

According to rumors the story of Roman Reign’s suspension is may be a kind of shield.  He lost the title of WWE world heavyweight championship to the Seth Rollins his former partner. Then he got a chance to win back in a triple threat match in the battle ground pay per view.

Some rumors are circulating that he has lost the title intentionally as he was already been failed in the wellness test. Roman Reign’s suspension is like a nightmare for the company who has been pushing Reign. Some people also think that officials were aware of his failure in wellness test before money in bank. As the result of his suspension he is not going to appear in any of house shows for which he may lose about $100,000 during the probation period.

After the whole episode of suspension, there are mixed reviews by fans. Some say it’s good to take responsibility of what you do. But some have taken it as comedy. But this is the truth that after all this mess he has to face the anger of his fans. “Dean Ambrose has said about this story that everyone makes mistakes and a chance should be given to Roman”. Now, this is up to the Roman to regain the trust of WWE officials and to win the hearts of his fans again. After his probation period, he will be in the battleground pay per view.

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