Respiratory Cancers – Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Respiratory Cancers - Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
Respiratory Cancers – Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Respiratory Cancers include many types of cancers such as cancers of the lung, larynx, trachea, and bronchus. They are usually not diagnosed until they have severely damaged the lungs when the symptoms can be clearly seen. The lungs are the main parts of the body that regulate oxygen in the blood \. When such medical conditions occur, it causes problem with the normal function of the body causing problems in respiration.

Respiratory Cancers Symptoms

The symptoms of Respiratory Cancers depend on the location of the cancer. It varies from part to part however some common symptoms can be observed.

  • Lung Cancer – Lung Cancer can be very irritating. Common symptoms include coughing frequently, coughing blood, chest pain and shortness of breath.
  • Cancer of the larynx – Cancer of the larynx has peculiar symptoms. You may face a change in voice, sore throat or earaches. There may be a feeling of a lump developing in your throat.
  • Cancer of the bronchus – Such Cancers are categorized with chest pain, coughing blood and swollen throat.
  • Cancer of the trachea – People with this kind of cancer face dry cough, breathlessness and difficulty in swallowing.

Causes of Respiratory Cancers

There are a lot of causes that can cause the different types of cancers. In general, anything harmful that has any effect on your lungs can cause you cancer. Smoking is one of the most common causes of cancer.If you are a smoker or if you are surrounded by people who smoke a lot than it is likely to damage your immune system. Larynx cancer can be particularly caused by alcohol consumption or poor nutrition. If you have a weak immune system or genetic diseases like Fanconi anemia, you may get cancer. Tracheal cancer is the cancer of the windpipe so if anything affects your throat than it can cause cancer. Bronchus cancer on the other hand does not have any specific cause and can occur at any time.

Respiratory Cancers Diagnosis

If you feel that you are going through any of the given symptoms than go for a checkup. Your doctor will properly examine you. He may ask if you have any smoking habits or any medical history. He will than check your lungs through the statoscope and give you further tests. This can include biopsy, X-Rays and MRIS. These image testing or sample test will than determine if you have any type of cancer.

Respiratory Cancers Treatment

Every patient will receive a different treatment based on past medical history, stage of cancer and personal health. Your doctor may prescribe a surgery, radiation or chemo therapy for you. Surgery is normally for tumor removal and have less risks associated with it. They are especially beneficial for bronchus cancer. Your surgeon will remove the tissues that will leave you in a much healthier position. Radiation can be done after a surgery. It uses high energy X-Rays to kill the cancer cells in the body. If you have already had the cancer removed than it will kill the remaining cancer cells in your body. Another type of treatment is the chemotherapy .If the tumor is quite small in size than a surgery would be inappropriate for it than your doctor may prescribe chemotherapy for you. It can destroy the cancer cells after radiation. It is also used to cure advanced respiratory cancers. With the advancing technology there are also other types of treatments available for curing your respiratory cancers. Immunotherapy is one type of such treatment. In this treatment, powerful medicines are prescribed that will boost the immune system and shrink the tumor or reduce its growth. Target therapy is another form of treatment where proteins are injected in the body to boost the system and deteriorate the tumor.

Prevent Respiratory Cancer The easiest way, although not always guaranteed is to stop smoking, cutting on consuming alcohol and improving your diet. Do some physical activates daily, try out yoga, indulge in breathing exercises and keep your respiratory system healthy. In case of any respiratory cancer, if you do not want to undergo a treatment by the doctor than you can go through other solutions such as meditation, massage therapist or acupuncture.  Never leave any symptom unattended and always discuss with the doctor about all the problems that you are going through.