Puppey Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Puppey Dota 2

Puppey Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Clement Ivanov, otherwise known as Puppey, is a professional esports player, currently working for Team Secret. He has been the captain of the team and under his guidance were they able to secure first place at events like the MLG World Finals and Nanyang DotA 2 Championships in 2015.

Puppey was born on March 6, 1990, in Tartu, Estonia. He has made his life into a gaming career. His main play roles include being a supporter and jungler, yet he is capable of performing well in any role that is needed by the team.

He started of his career by playing with the Natus Vincere. This team also had other top players like Daniel and ArtStyle who inspired him on his gaming journey. They won The International 2011 and The Electronic Sports World Club 2011.

When Artstyle left in October 2011, Puppey became the captain of the team Secret.  He captained Na’Vi to second place in both The International 2012 and The International 2013. He also won the DotA 2 Champions League Season 2 in 2014 and after this victory when the team started to lower ranking in performance at The International 2014, he was released by the Na’Vi in August. A week later he created his Team Secret.

This new team got the second place in their first tournament Starladder Season 10 and went on playing for more tournaments. His major achievements include getting second place in The Frankfurt Major and ESL One New York, first place at Nanyang DotA 2 Championships and the MLG World Finals 2015. Team Secret also won The Shanghai Major 2016 in March 2015. He has an unmatched record of being a top player in town. He had a simple family life and was brought up with skills in playing musical instruments as well. In 2016 he was involved in a controversy that he did not pay the players the prize money and lied about the payments being made to him. He has won many awards due to leadership skills and has won $1.95 million prize money from him career.