Online Reviews – A Mirror Image of a Company’s Brand

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If a company has listed its business in online business directories then it becomes mandatory for it to communicate with its customers. Online business is dependent upon the fact that how do its customers find it. Responsive websites, speedy page loading, and relative content are the primary methods to increase the traffic towards a webpage. How is it possible for a company to know the customer satisfaction level? Online reviews are the best way to communicate and take the opinion of the customers. There are positive and negative reviews that customers share. Contemporarily, the success of the online business is dramatically affected by both types of reviews. One negative review can result in a decline in sales that the company cannot afford. Thereby, companies remain indulged in providing quality products and services. New customers equally value these customer reviews because they save customers from buying anything blindly. Positive reviews mean the services are trustworthy and negative reviews are a stigma for a brand. This is how these online reviews affect the repute of a company’s brand and online business ratings as well.

How to Utilize Online Reviews to Improve a Business

Whether reviews are negative or positive a company can utilize them to improve its business. They are your link with the customer. If you use this link effectively and work on the principles of supply and demand then an evident hike in your business is for sure. Thereby, be honest while looking at these reviews and utilize this feedback effectively in subsequent ways.

#1. Find the Reason of Writing Reviews

The world is progressing with speed of light and everyone is running like a horse in a race. Human beings are too busy following their routine that the day ends but their responsibilities do not. A businessman running an online business must know that no one has time to share reviews. One needs to think like a customer. If products and services are satisfactory people usually remain silent. They seldom want to share their opinion online. However, if the product or services were costly and it was not up to the standards of the customer he definitely shares the reviews out of rage. It is the basic human psyche behind sharing the reviews. So a businessman needs to heed towards negative reviews as soon as he sees them.

#2. Thank People for Their Feedback

It has been aforementioned that no one has sufficient time to share reviews. If you ask customers to share online reviews do it humbly. No matter, they share derogation or praise accept it wholeheartedly. Never forget to thank them. It will make them realize that you value what they think. It will somehow urge them to trust you once again even if they are not satisfied with the services.

#3. Respond to Reviews

How would you feel if a service provider act dumb when you complain about his services? It is indeed annoying and that is how exactly a customer feels when companies do not respond to the online customer reviews. There are two evident benefits of replying the reviews

  • Your relation with an existing customer will be improved
  • New customers will find it good that you care what they think and try to resolve issues of your customers

#4. Reply Positively

A company has to be cautious while responding to customer reviews. Negative reviews have to be replied in a soft tone and one must try to pacify and compensate the customer. There is a strange power of negative reviews that drives the incoming customers away. Nonetheless, if handled and replied tactfully matter can be resolved with least loss.

#5. Show Customer Care

It is an admitted fact that negative reviews are an opportunity to show the customer care. If there are some negative reviews and businessmen find a fall in business ratings then all he needs to do is to show care towards customers. This strategy will help you maintain the flow of traffic at your web portal and stabilize the sales.

#6. Never Delete a Comment

Deleting the comment is one of those mistakes which adversely affect the repute of your business. It is more aggravating than the negative comment. Renowned company brands tried to opt this method and it proved to be the last nail in the coffin of their market standing. Media creates such incidents into sensational news and it becomes difficult to come out of this mess. Therefore, on what your customers say and entertain their complaints and comments.

#7. Ignore and Keep Up Good Work

You have to be very tactful while reading and answering online reviews. It happens that customer finds some services terrible and aggressively share derogatory remarks. If you know that what happened to the customer is an anomaly, it might be a once in a blue moon case. Otherwise, your services are satisfactory. Then you can ignore these negative reviews and keep providing the outclass services. It will earn you positive reviews and everything will be back on the track.

#8. Make Reviews Part of Marketing

Positive customer service reviews can become part of your marketing plan. Read reviews about the services you provide and select the best positive reviews and inculcate them in your ads. One of the most common ways that attract more online traffic is to show these reviews and positive responses of your customers in the form of 5 stars.

#9. Quote Reference of Reviews in Emails

Many companies market their services via emails. Businessmen opting this marketing strategy can utilize positive reviews in their emails. Share these reviews with other customers to enforce your reliability. These reviews can make your emails more effective and attract more customers.

#10. Keep a Check on Review Sites

There are many online review sites which let customers share their quick review and share it online. There are many other customers who are interested in these reviews because they intend to buy your services. So it is better to keep an eye on these reviews. This vigilance helps you deal with negative reviews timely.

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