Notail Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Notail dota 2

Notail Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Johan Sundstein also known as Notail is a Danish professional DotA 2 player. He is famous for his Meko Play and being a part of the winning team of 4 DotA Major Championships.

The lad was born on October 8, 1993, in Denmark. He is also known as BigDaddy and NOTailGamer. He began his gaming career playing Heroes of Newerth as a solo middle. He, along with No’Va and Fly formed a competitive trio that served under the side project by Fnatic manager DanijelStreeTRemus.

As the team began to reach a well-established position, HenrikFreshProHansen and KalleTrixiSaarinen joined the squad. With this added talent-base they became victorious in many more tournaments including their first LAN victory in DreamHack Winter 2011.

As activity declined in Heroes of Newerth, Notail shifted his team to playing DotA 2 in March 30, 2012. They had a tough start but slowly uplifted with time and won The Thor Open 2012 event and toped in many of the upcoming tournaments. The Fnatic also participated in a Bootcamp in Belgrade Serbia and finished on the 8th position. On August 27, 2014, Notail bid farewell to his team and announced that he will be part of a new team called “The Secret”, along with other top contenders like Fly and Puppey.

Notail did well in upcoming tournaments but was unfortunately kicked by Puppey. He joined Cloud9 and is known for his work in this squad. As the team faced a severe downfall, the squad was released on August 28, 2015. Later it was found out that he and his fellow Fly, created (monkey) business team that did well in gaming and eventually got sponsored as team OG.

He is a Buff at Support and Carry roles and has showed spirit in proceeding forward and taking the team along with him. His girlfriend Anja Suder has been with him through thick and thin, although he switched with many ex’s in the past. With the versatility of tournaments, Notail’s prize money is estimated to be $2,281,631.60 and the lad is still striving to win more prizes in future.