10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World

Celebrities are someone that we look up to be inspired from. They use the most popular and expensive designers to create their beautiful homes.

Here are some of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world that you would be surprised to hear about.

Gwen Stefani’s House Worth 35 Million Dollars

Stefani is a popular singer and songwriter and wife to Blake Shelton. She’s also one of the judges at The Voice.

Her mansion is worth a whopping 35 million dollars! It has a total of six bedrooms that also includes a master suite.

There are also about five beautiful fireplaces located all around the house. These are made from granite and a beautiful pattered marble.

Stefani’s house is the definition of a luxury house clearly. The exterior portion of the house is just as good too.

There’s a lighted tennis court, a huge pool and chicken coop. There are also several living areas outside for the residents of the house as well.

You can even buy it if you have that amount of money because this house is on sale.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s $88 Million Mansion

These two widely popular singers and popstars have a huge house worth $88 million dollars.

This was actually originally priced at $135 million but the famous couple got them to lower the price significantly it seems.

The whole house is a fantastic property consisting of six separate structures. There’s thirty thousand square feet main house.

The main house looks great and has in total eleven bathrooms and about eight bedrooms! The unique features this mansion has is the entertainment building and a basketball court.

Not only that, but there are also four pools and a huge garage that can hold up to fifteen cars.

The mansion is actually a smart house and even has a helipad! There is even an in-house spa and bulletproof windows and a beautiful custom-made staircase.

Tom Cruise House Worth $59 Million

The house Tom Cruise has is about ten thousand square feet. It’s a sophisticated looking house with floor-to-ceiling windows which gives the residents of the house a beautiful view of mountains.

There are also the cedar timbers that are visible on the ceilings and the walls. There is also a great fireplace that has native stone.

The actor surely likes to remain fit as the house has lighted courts for hockey, basketball, tennis and there is even a motocross track.

The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Tiger Woods House Worth $54.5 Million

It’s located at Jupiter Island and is right next to the ocean. There is a great running track, tennis and basketball court.

There is also a huge sixty feet diving pool! Plus, there’s a spa inside too.

The unique thing about this house is that it has glass-fronted elevator.

There’s also a wine cellar inside. No wonder this is house is worth a lot.

Jennifer Lopez’s House Is Worth $28 Million

A few years ago, Jennifer Lopez bought a beautiful house for $28 million dollars even though it was priced at $40 million on the market.

The house has seven bedrooms and about thirteen bathrooms.

The property was designed by a really famous designer whose name is Samuel Marx.

You can still the beautifully carved fireplaces made of stone and wood. There is also a stone-accented kitchen.

The best of this house is that it also has two guesthouses and an infinity pool located next to a terrace.

There’s also the hundred seat amphitheater, a garden of organic vegetables and vineyard. You can also see a mini golf course here.

Mel Gibson House Worth $29.75 Million

This house located at Costa Rica is full of beautiful architectural features such as the Spanish and Italian tiles along with fantastic balconies overlooking the entire courtyard.

The house also contains open-air dining room area and even a commercial kitchen.

It has 7 bedrooms! Interestingly, this is one of the few luxury houses that are in Mel Gibson’s possession.

Bill Gates House Worth $125 Million

Bill Gates is a technology businessman who co-founded the Microsoft company. He was at one point the richest man in the world.

His house is a stunning spectacle which is about 66,000 square feet in size. It has a total of seven bedrooms and about twenty-four bathrooms.

There are six kitchens in total and a massive library that has a domed roof! There are a lot of intriguing features in it as well such a special exercise room with a sauna.

Not only that but there are also locker rooms and different kinds of rooms such as trampoline roof and a steam room.

The best part about Bill Gates house is the technology elements infused in the structure such as rotating artwork.

There is also pressure sensitive floors and a really reliable security system.

George Clooney House Worth is $100 Million

George Clooney is a famous actor and he has done many great movies over the years.

His house is located in Italy and has design elements both from the past and the present.

The ceilings are beautifully carved and designed with an antique charm to them.

But the house has been modernized as the new house contains huge spa like bathrooms.

There are also great landscaped gardens present along with a tennis court.  An outdoor theater is located in this property.

George Lucas House Worth $100 Million

George Lucas is best associated with his Star Wars Skywalker ranch.

The property was bought in 1974 and the upgrades and renovations have costed Lucas about a hundred million dollars.

The public doesn’t have full knowledge of the details of the house since it’s kept very private.

But it is known that the property contains different buildings. There a two-story library, and a huge theater.

This is also a very big parking space and different gardens and vineyards present.

Oprah Winfrey House worth $88 Million

Winfrey is a talk-show host and is very famous.

Her house is known as ‘The Primed Land’ and it contains six bedrooms along with fourteen bathrooms.

The main house is designed using Neo-Georgian style and has a lot of great features such as wine cellar and theater.

There is also riding rings present in the house and a beautiful barn. There is a myriad of gardens as well and even a lake for fishing.

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