How to Remove Pimples in One Day

How to Remove Pimples in One Day

How to Remove Pimples in One Day

No matter how much we run away from it, the truth has always been that we are judged by our appearance. For this we have always tried to beautify ourselves and care about our texture of skin. Both boys and girls these days are equally cautious about their looks. And what could be more irritating than a pimple that ruins the flawless skin. We all know the menace of dealing with pimple. Pimples are bumps on the outer layer of the skin. They may form up due to oily skin or hormonal changes. It is also common to occur when stressed. But here is the catch. We found ways to get rid of those pimples within a day. Yes, you read it right, there are ways to remove pimples over a day before that special event of yours, and enjoy it without being cautious of that particular spot.


Toothpaste does miracles for your teeth and skin. Apply a small amount on your pimples and let it dry. It will soak up the infected area and your pimple will disappear overnight.

Tree Oil

Tree oil has a very soothing effect. Use cotton buds to cover up the pimple and the surrounding area. Wash it in the morning and your pimple would be gone.

Green Tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants. Boil up green tea and apply using cotton over the pimple. Leave it overnight and vanish your pimple away.


Banana is full of beauty benefits. Mash a banana and mix it with pure apple cider vinegar. Make it into a paste and apply as a mask than rinse off.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil is miraculous. Dab it over your pimple and let it soak on the inflamed area and then wash it. Repeat this a few times in the day.

Baking soda

Easily available in your kitchen. Mix baking soda powder in water to form a good paste. Put over in your pimple and let it dry. It will soothe down the pimple. Wash within 5 minutes and make sure to apply a moisturizer afterwards.