How to Remove Henna Color from Hands Instantly

How to Remove Henna Color from Hands Instantly

How to Remove Henna Color from Hands Instantly



Henna is one of the traditional that a girl dreams off. Henna is used since decades to decorate the skin and also for the purpose of dyeing hair. It is a part of Pakistani culture that is also considered as Sunnah for Muslims. Henna is used on festivals like Eid . Ladies and kids enjoy it a lot. Even boys use henna to imitate a tattoo. Mehndi is itself a festival as special day for wedding events is dedicated to henna. As much as henna is adorned, it may become a pain to remove the color. Removing it can spoil the skin and the faded henna looks very awful. Here are a few tips to help remove henna instantly.

Salt Water Bath

Salt water is an amazing henna remover. Bathe your hands in sea salt diluted water. Salt is a powerful cleanser. Pat dry and do it at least once a day.

Exfoliating Scrubs

If you have a beauty regime than you know that scrubs are good exfoliators. Use it on your hands twice a day. Massage your skin. You will see the visible difference.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a good henna remover. Just massage your hands vigorously. You may add in a little bit of salt to do give it that extra touch. A ten-minute massage will remove the mehndi completely.

Lemon juice with Baking Soda

Dilute baking soda and lemon in a cup of water. Apply over your hands and let it soak in. It will slowly remove the henna. Repeat the process as required.


Put toothpaste over the area and let it dry. Gently rub off and wash with water.

Anti-bacterial Soap

Wash your hands at least 15 times a day with anti-bacterial soap and luke warn water. The alcohol content will remove your henna color.


These remedies will help to remove the henna quicker and clean your hands in a short span of times.