How to Remove Armpit Hair Permanently at Home

How to Remove Armpit Hair Permanently at Home

How to Remove Armpit Hair Permanently at Home


Personal hygiene has always been important. Not only does it beautify you, but it also keeps you away from germs and keeps your body healthy.  Armpits are one of the areas that really need to be taken care off. It is also the reason for the excess sweat on underarms and bad odors. Therefore keeping the area clean is a must. People have regularly shaved it using razors or creams to smoothen the skin. Yet the hair still keeps on growing and you have to take out time for your body. The chances of cuts and bleeding by razors and the possibility of burning sensations or infections can damage the skin very badly. Many have experimented to come up with new ways to reduce the hair and protect the armpits. We have for you the solution to your problem. You can remove armpit hair, in the convenience of your home, on a permanent basis. Yes, it is possible. But you should know that hair growth is a natural process and after a long period, you might still have to repeat the process. Here are some remedies for hair removal.

Honey Paste

Form a paste with the base of honey. Add in a little of lemon juice and flour. Add water if the paste doesn’t reach a consistent texture. Apply it on your underarms and wash off after 10 minutes.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is packed with power. It also lifts the color tone. Mix a pinch of turmeric in milk and apply on your underarms. See the smooth results for yourself.

Egg, Cornflour & Sugar

A simple paste is to mix the egg and cornflour and sugar in equal quantities. Apply this on your underarms and let it dry. Peel off your skin leaving a hairless area behind.

Sugar Wax

Heat up sugar in a pan and add in water. Form a caramel paste and add a bit of lemon juice.  Apply it on the underarms and peel it off.


No more need to be cautious of odors or worry about sweat. Wear sleeveless with pride and perfect underarms.