How To Protect Your Virginity In The Teenagers

How To Protect Your Virginity In The Teenagers

How To Protect Your Virginity In The Teenagers

There a lot of people who have a lot of misconceptions about a woman’s virginity and what do you mean by “losing your virginity”. People think that a girl is a virgin unless her hymen which is a membrane hasn’t been broken. This is the biggest misconception that people have. With that being said, we can say that you can’t say anything a woman’s virginity just by saying that oh, that something must have gone through her vagina and so she is not a virgin anymore. In the world of today, people and esp. Teenagers can take the following steps to protect their virginity.


Don’t Roam About Alone In Dark Or Isolated Places:

It is the basic thing or practice that teenagers, esp. girls should make sure about. Don’t go for doing your grocery or gym after sunset. If the place is located somewhere that is isolated or dark, try to take a different route. This will help you any mishap or an incident like rape etc. Try to take a male friend or someone you can trust with you for protection. This will mitigate the risk of such a mishap that might occur to you.


Carry A Weapon Or At least A Cutting Tool With You:

It is a good idea to get yourself a weapon to retaliate when attacked. An ideal thing would be that you know how to handle a tool or a weapon? Also, know Gun Safety and Control and the way you can actually protect yourself from harm by your own weapon. There are people in the world who get injured because they don’t know how to handle a weapon on their own.


Learn A Certain Self Defence Technique To Combat An Assailant:

This is another good idea to get into some sort of martial art or self-defense dojo and gym that teaches self-defense techniques keeps you safe in case you are on the ground or in distress.


The above-mentioned techniques help teenagers protect themselves and their virginity at the same time. An incident changes the life of the victim and their perception about the society. Change your mindset and don’t be the victim at any cost rather than that, be the one who falls down and fights back.