How To Optimize Your Content For SEO In 2020?

Content is undoubtedly an undisputable king for SEO in 2020. Today we are going to tell you some useful tips on how to optimize your content for on-page SEO 2020 and content optimization tools that will help in ranking your website on first SERP. When you hire expert service of SEO company in Dubai, they provide you with a high quality content which is optimized according to the standards of SEO.

8 Useful Tips for Creating Seo Optimized Content in 2020

Write to your Potential Customers with Targeted Relevant Keywords
Your content won’t reach your benchmark audience if you don’t use targeted relevant keywords. You must have a good knowledge and keen understanding of what your audience is actively searching on a search engine bar. For this, you must have full background knowledge of your targeted audience. Who are they? What they are searching for? What type of information do they require? What keywords are they using to find them? Do thorough research about who you’re talking to and speak in their language. In order to employ this useful on page SEO technique, we need to carry out a few steps.

Targeted Customer Research

Identify your potential audience and research about their demographic information like gender, age, location, hobbies, likes, dislikes, personal habits, and career.

Keyword Analysis and Topic Research

Deeply monitor and research your customer’s search intent. What keywords they are using for their search. Use those relevant profitable keywords in your on page Seo content to meet their needs and closely relate to your expertise/products. For this, you must refer to Semrush and Kw Finder. Do topic research and generate Seo optimized content based on the targeted keywords and relevant terms your audience is searching for and want to learn more about it.

Engaging and User-Friendly Content:

This is one of the most useful on page SEO technique for 2019. Write an SEO optimized content that is clear, organized, and incredibly easy to read, logical, simple and understandable for your audience. Your primary goal is to generate user-friendly, relevant and easy to comprehend SEO based content that will provide value to your audience and will make them stay on your page and read the entire text. This activity signals to Google that this particular page is relevant to the search query and hence the user found information that they were actively looking for. This is known as dwell time which helps in google ranking. Readability is the most important factor on which Google ranks website according to many Seo experts.

There are a variety of readability checking tools, such as:

  • The Readability Test Tool
  • Readability statistics in MS Word
  • Readability Formulas
  • Readability-Score

Dig Deeper into your Content and Topic

One of the major on page Seo techniques of 2019 is generating content that goes deeper and further into the topic and describes it in detail. In 2019 Google is intensifying its focus on quality content. The sites having high quality and in-depth content soared high in SERP ranking when compared to sites with weaker in-depth content. In order to create deeper content:

Explore the topic from different angles and facets.

Write lengthy articles, blogs of more than 2000 words. Thin content or blog having 300 words will no longer rank on Google SERP according to on page SEO checklist trend of 2019.
To find new data, latest trends, searches and studies go beyond surface level research and try JSTOR, Google Scholar or industry publications.
Write easy to understand, user-friendly, ultimate guides.

Page Speed

This is one of the most important and useful on page SEO technique of 2019. Online surfers, users are generally very impatient and have a low attention span. A recent survey conducted by Google shows that users expect a website to load in 2 to 3 seconds. According to on page SEO tutorial, you must improve your page speed. If your website or retail page will take more time to load your user will become frustrated and will ultimately deviate from your site. This makes a very bad impression on Google about your website. Scripts, code pieces, java scripts, heavy videos slow down your sites. So make sure your website loads well as it helps in converting potential leads into buyers of your product. There are many ways to increase the loading speed of your website such as reduce plugins, Plug-in caching and optimize images size.

Visuals Matter

An old cliché “A picture speaks a thousand words’ is becoming true for sea content optimization in 2019. According to a recent study, articles containing relevant Images and visuals get 94 % more views than articles without images. In order to optimize your content for SEO in 2019 invest in visuals. Users relate more to content with high quality, well-designed Images. It makes your content look more relatable, professional and cohesive. A well-illustrated article and blog piques the interest of the reader and keep them engaged and thus drives traffic and leads to your website and eventually converts them into your customers. Invest in good graphic designers, photographers for good quality images. You can find great designers in up work and fiver. In order to get Seo success to complement your articles with great visuals.

Provide Logical Authentic Facts with Proper Citation:

This goes back to our third point about going deeper into your content. In today’s era, it is easy for any expert, writer to write just about anything without providing supporting data, facts and statistics. In order to create trustworthy, authentic, logical content which clicks with the audience and builds their trust on your website and content do research. One who provides a proper source, supporting data, authentic facts and figures relates to the audience and have more chances of ranking high on the first page of Google.

Format your Online Content for Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are lately gaining popularity and becoming one of the most important on-page SEO tool in 2019.

What is Featured Snippet?

The featured snippet is a format which provides with a direct, concise summary of an answer to user’s question. It is shown on top of Google’s search result. It is extracted from a webpage and includes the title and URL of the page. When you hire expert services of SEO agency in Dubai, they do all the work for you and make featured snippet.

Featured snippets get the first spot, the most desirable position on first SERP. Featured snippet actually shows up right above the organic search results and below the AdWords block. According to Ahref’s study, feature snippets steals the traffic away from the #1 spot. There are three types of featured snippets.

  1. Text snippets
  2. Video snippets
  3. List and Table snippets.

Be The Expert

In 2020, Google is valuing and acknowledging expert authorship/authority in content. Now a day’s reputation of website or creator of the main content matters. According to the recently updated guidelines of Google’s search quality evaluator, both the content creator and the history of that person contribute to the quality of a page. Google crawler takes in to account what the web wider have to say about you. In order to build your reputation include about you on your websites and give author bio in your blogs.

By employing the following tips and content optimization tools in 2020 you are ready to rock your content and website on the first page of google thus driving traffic and generating a large amount of revenue.