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How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks without Exercise
How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks without Exercise

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks without Exercise

Weight is one of the first things that are visibly noticed about people. Since the mass stands out, the structure is remarkable. Being heavyweight is common due to unethical working spheres, increase in fast food and reduction in physical activities. Weight loss can be a tough job especially for those who lack in motivation and willpower. Here are some observed and factual tips on how you can reduce your weight that too in 2 weeks without exercise.


Chew food slowly

Science has proven that our brain takes time to process the command that we are eating food, roughly about 15-20 minutes. For this reason, since the brain does not get the signal that it is eating and getting full the solution is to eat food slowly. This way you will eat less as compared to those who eat fast and you will be able to minimize your portions.


Protein rich food

Protein is very beneficial for the body. It has many benefits such as it keeps you full longer and reduces hunger. Having a good intake of protein foods will help you to eat less food and reduce your weight. Take eggs for breakfast. Keep your appetite full much longer than before by adding proteins.


Unhealthy food out of sight

There is a natural inclination to eat food when they are in front of you and you may get tempt. Shut the drawers and keep unhealthy food out of sight. This will prevent you from getting those cravings.



Drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water. It keeps you fuller and in this way help reduce weight.


Almonds and flax seeds

Include almonds and flaxseeds in your diet. They are nutritious for your body and keep you energized. You’ll observe the energy in the body and reduced cravings.


Smaller plates

This is a tricky technique. Trick your brain into thinking that you are eating alot. Grab smaller plates on which your food will look much fuller. This will mentally play with your brain and you will reduce your bad eating habits.


Avoid sugar

Sugar is aculprit for life. Avoid sugary drinks and desserts that are an immediate boost to your weight. They also ruin the internal system and are unhealthy. Learn to say no to yourself.


Less stress and more sleep

Go early to bed and sleep well. Reduce your stress levels that automatically affect your eating patterns and reduce your weight in a very natural way.


Give these tips a shot and you will see a change in your body. They are effective ways of reducing weight naturally and you will be amazed by the results.