How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5
How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5


With the development of 32-bit jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5, iPhone owners have started to try it out and opt for more smoother functioning of their devices that eradicates restrictions imposed by the manufacturers. It allows you to do a lot of stuff that was previously limited, such as download third-party applications. However, it does downgrade your device in terms that your warranty with the company will become void and you will not be able to avail it, in times of need. Never the less the jailbreak solutions are now widely available and you can try them depending on the version of your iOS. Phoenix is the most popular tool used for this purpose. The simple steps on how to use it are listed below.

  1. Download the Phoenix on your computer.
  2. Download the Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  3. Connect your device with the computer to launch the app.
  4. Drag the IPA on your Cydia Impactor top field.
  5. Enter Your Apple ID and Password. Wait for the installation of Phoenix that will appear as an icon on your home screen.
  6. On your device go to Settings. Find General and go to Device Management.
  7. Select the Trust Button to trust the application.
  8. Now run the Phoenix App from your home screen and install the jailbreak in your device.
  9. Your device will respring. Wait for the launch of the Cydia Impactor icon on your screen. It might take some time as it’s the initial setup. If it does not run, then re-try and select the KickStart Button.
  10. Your Phone is now jailbroken.

Keep in mind that whenever the application expires you will have to re-install it with Cydia Impactor.  On step 9 your device might not jailbreak promptly and might need a couple of more tries. Re-try it till it works. Also the jailbreak is semi-untethered which means that it will become disabled when you shut off your phone and you will have to re-jailbreak through the Phoenix app again. Give it a go and enjoy the jailbreaking experience.

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