Fly Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, GirlFriend, Networth, Family

Fly Dota 2

Fly Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, GirlFriend, Networth, Family

Tal Aizik, known much better as “Fly” is an Israeli/Canadian professional DotA 2 player. He is currently playing for Evil Geniuses and. He is also the founder of the team OG.

Fly was born on 9 March 1993 in Canada. e is the son of Moni Aizik, a Krav Maga (martial arts), instructor. He was raised up in Israel. Fly served The Newerth squad along with other top players No’Va and Notail.

He is one of the longest serving member of this squad until he migrated to playing DotA 2 on Team Secret. He played the off-lane role here and was very much partnered with Notail. Fly left team Secret in 2014 with a new mission in mind to advance in his career.

He reunited with his fellow Notail after The International 2015 when he formed his own team (monkey business) that later began to be known as OG. He was the captain of the team and still played the support role. He won the Frankfurt Major 2015, Manila Major 2016 and many more tournaments with OG.

Another great achievement was that his team repeated as champions of a Valve sponsored DotA 2 tournament. They also played well in The International 2016 but got the 7th position only. On August 24, 2016, many of the top members of his team departed. This included Miracle, MoonMeander and many more brands.

Fly still remained put and was joined by Ana and S4 in the coming days. After the After ESL Birmingham, Fly announced the departure from his team and joined Evil Geniuses and is serving till the present day. His girlfriend Evany Chang is his moral support who has also served as the Manager of team OG. He is a powerful personality who has lived up to his goals and seeks to learn from others especially all his teammates. His net worth is tough to predict. As a mere estimate, he is said to have won about $1,970,185.80 from his 96 Tournaments. He ranks on the 20th among the highest earning positions and is still on the go.