Ehsan Imam: Pakistans Health Tech Start up : Founder of

Marham. Pk is recognized as one of the leading digital platforms to provide telemedicine facilities throughout Pakistan. It has made accessing medical facilities easy, fast, and reliable with its portal, mobile app, and tele-helpline, Marham. Pk allows patients to find doctors that are certified and book appointments. 

After only a few years of modularizing, Marham expanded into a complete telemedicine platform, complying with online video consultations. Marham has 20,000 doctors listed in 67 locations across Pakistan, and its network has serviced over 10 million patients.

Ehsan Imam—A man with a clear vision

Marham’s countrywide online presence. Pk is the outcome of Ehsan Imam’s continuous efforts. Marham’s CEO and Co-Founder explained his objective is to develop a modern healthcare ecosystem. He has all which is needed to turn his plans into practice, like a well-equipped team and the capacity to bootstrap. He is completely ready to take steps ahead.

Ehsan Imam— Career Background

Ehsan Imam is a diverse person who works as an entrepreneur, software engineer, and project manager. He has an amazing track of 12 years in Agile, Account Management, Software/ Web Development, Product Development, and Customer Management.

He utilized his excellent talents for large multi-vendor projects and a Master’s degree in Technology. Also worked in the startup, eCommerce, health, sales, marketing, and finance industries. He was lucky enough to be a part of a few fortune 10 companies as the Account manager. Being an expert in Client Facing, Strategic Management, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Stakeholders Management, he served well in these roles.

Motivation Behind Marham. Pk

Here is an interesting story about what inspired him to start a system like Marham. Pk.

Ehsan lost his dear father, unable to access proper medical assistance. It revealed the bogus structure of Pakistan’s medical care system.

Another incident motivated him further in this connection.

He visited the emergency department of one of the most extensive government setups. He was there to share his blood with the bomb affectees. The scenario was enough to leave unscratched scars in his memory with scenes full of pain and misery. 

He witnessed several people bringing in dead and pleading with the doctors to bring them back to life by giving them the oxygen supply. The patients were wandering here and there to find the right doctor paying huge medical bills.

Here came the point which shook him completely. But he was not a weak man to blame the government or people in authority for all this negligence, and he stepped forward by himself to share his part in the well-being of Pakistani society.

Endless Efforts

As we know that every startup undergoes one common mental stress. Will it be successful? But he was lucky enough to make his dreams come true. It was not as simple as having a piece of cake, and the venture required a great deal of effort and planning.

With the grace of God and his teammate’s endless efforts, he was eventually successful in launching this great platform which we all know as Marham. Pk.

The journey does not end here, and he has several lofty plans to make it even bigger and more accessible to the people of Pakistan.