Different Types Of Metal Roofing Materials!

When you plan to install a metal roof in your home or business building, it is important to understand the different features of various metal roof types that are available in the market. There are many types of metal roofing such as zinc, aluminum, lead, stainless steel and copper metal roofing that people choose to modernize their homes.

Different types of metal roofing help you to customize your home according to your style, durability, and prices that you wish to maintain for your homes. These roofing materials also offer different styles for the modern building to make the homes more appealing.

But before choosing a metal roofing material, it is important to understand some features of different types of roofing so you can choose the right material for your home or business building.

Stainless Steel Roof Material

Stainless steel is a popular metal roof material that is famous due to its high strength and comparatively low prices than other roofing materials. Besides that, stainless steel has a longer lifespan, better environmental sustainability, better strength and most importantly lower prices for a long term benefit. But it has only one disadvantage that it can easily rust with the time so for that reason, manufacturers of stainless-steel cover the steel using zinc or zinc-aluminum that acts as anti-corrosive coasting. Stainless steel metal roof is the best choice for the construction of schools, residential businesses as well as commercial buildings as it is a great substitute for the places that have a high risk of theft.

Cooper Roofing Material

Cooper is another great metal roofing material that is popular because of its beauty, flexibility, softness and natural remittance. Due to its natural resistance, it is suitable for corrosion without the need for any extra coatings. It is light in weight and puts less stress on the structure of the building but it is slightly heavier than stainless steel. It is taken as the most ideal material for metal roofing for the areas that experience heavy and regular snowfall. Besides that, cooper roof material is stronger than other metal roofing as it lasts for more than 50 years or even more if you maintain and repair it regularly. Another benefit of installing a copper roof is that it is highly resistant to mildew, hailstones, fire and most importantly it is energy efficient so you can reduce your bills too.

Cooper roofs have many advantages but it also faces a disadvantage which is due to its softness. It can easily get scratched and dented with the time and you need to call metal roof repair services more often. It has more chances of theft because it has a great scrap value and it is can be used commonly in residential and commercial buildings.

Zinc Roofing Material

It is one of the most beautiful metal roofing material and there is nothing like zinc roofing material. It is the most beautiful roof material that makes your building more appealing because of the quality designs and appearance of the zinc. Zinc metal roofing has a low energy consumption than other metal roofing and it has a longer life span and it doesn’t require regular repairs and maintenance. Like cooper roofing materials it is also light in weight that means it doesn’t put stress on the building structure. It is soft in material and easy to handle by constructors as they can install it by using hand tools easily. It is also a cost-effective material and it is extremely durable and commonly used by people.

But it also has some disadvantages that you need to consider when you are choosing it for the installation of your buildings. It has some issues for corrosion as it can be exposed to moisture but only to some certain conditions. You can use this metal roof material for school buildings, residential and commercial properties.

Lead Roofing Material

Lead metal roofing material is also one of the most durable materials that exist when it comes to choosing roofing materials. It has many advantages and disadvantages which have to be taken into consideration when deciding to choose it. The main feature of lead roofing material is that is can expand and contract according to a temperature which means that it can be highly recommended for the maintenance of energy efficiency of the building. It can be suitable for different types of buildings because it has a feature of moldable and most importantly it cannot catch fire so it can be a safe roofing material to choose.


So, based on the features and disadvantages of many metal roofing material you can choose the ones that suit your requirements and needs.