Dendi Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family

Dendi Dota 2

Dendi Dota 2 Profile, Wiki, Bio, Girl Friend, Net worth, Family


Danylo Ishutin also reffered as Dendi, in short, is a Ukrainian professional player.

Born on December 30, 1989, in Lviv, Ukraine, he has a lovable family with 2 siblings and lived with his family and grandparents in his youth. Daniel was found of playing games.

Currently, on the age of 28, Dendi continues to thrive in the game industry. He started off with excelling in counter strike and later shifted to Warcraft 3.

He was successful enough to win a few championships in Lviv but soon he played DotA and got a got hold on it.

This is when he joined WG and started playing it professionally on the Ukrainian team in 2009.  His squad also reached the third position of MYM Prime Nations in the same year.

In the following year, Kingsurf joined WG and Dendi became a full-time member of member of  He joined DTS only to return back to and then after a few months again reverted to DTS.

He helped them to victory on second-place at ESWC 2010. At the end of 2010 Dendi DTS finished 3rd at the WDC 2010. Dendi joined Natus Vincere where his career continued for years.

From here, he started playing DotA 2 with Na’Vi. He became a vital player on the team and won The International 2011 and many more tournaments that came in the following years.

Na’Vi became the only DotA 2 team to participate in the grand finals of the tournament, three years in a row. Dendi is also one of the three players who was featured in a documentary in 2014 called “Free to Play”.

Later he played two live 1v1 demonstration matches at the international 2017 but he lost in both. After 8 years of playing he was released from Na’Vi in September 2018.

It is impossible to calculate his exact worth since the guy has flourished on different agendas.

Yet as an estimate, he has earned $791,057.60 From 97 Tournaments and still continues to play professional and increase his span of skills and income. He is a commendable player whose talent is a showcase of his personality.