David Lionel Baddiel Wiki | Biography | Age | DOB

David Lionel Baddiel Wiki | Biography | Age | DOB

David Lionel Baddiel is a well know famous name in English comedian industry, a multi skill person in novelist and television broadcaster. Baddiel was born in New York, and migrate to England with his parent when he was four month old. After leaving the university Baddiel turns into a professional comedian in London. Baddiel produce a documentary film on his father dementia, which was screen on Channel 4 in 2017.

David Lionel Baddiel Bio

David Lionel Baddiel Bio


Baddiel Novel history:

Baddiel has written the five novels.

  1. Time for bed publish in 1996
  2. Whatever love means publish in 2002
  3. The secret Purpose publish in 2006
  4. The Death of Eli Gold publish in 2011
  5. First children’s publish in 2015

The Parent Agency is the biggest achievement for Baddiel because he won the LOLLIE award, his book now develops in the feature film by Fox 2000 Pictures, written and produced by Baddiel.


Baddiel Personal information:

Full name: David Lionel Baddiel

Date of birth: 28 May 1964

Age:  54 year

Nationality: British

Children: 2

First debut:  1984 – present

University / School / College: King’s College, Cambridge

Wife: Morwenna Banks

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