Common COVID Classroom Mistakes: How to Avoid Them?

The whole structure of a classroom went through a drastic change due to the onset of this COVID 19 pandemic. Earlier, a classroom was just something you could be in only after traveling to a different place, a place known as schools/colleges. The definition of a classroom has now changed, and it even incorporates the comfort of one’s room. The concept of online classes has taken the world by a storm, and the entire dynamics of education have gone through a massive shift. Despite all this, the old and reliable idea of physical classrooms is not dead but only on a halt as physical classes have happened during the respite period between the different waves. 

COVID has been considerably more of a shock to our working and home life than anybody could have imagined, and the Learning and Development industry has been hit hard. As the year draws close, it’s natural to wonder what the future holds. While no one can predict the future, we can see some very distinct trends forming that lead the way to our post-COVID L&D world.

Experts from top assignment writing services state that some preventive measures are necessary for the COVID classroom, whether online from a room or physically sitting in classes. This phenomenon is pretty new, so humans still need time to adapt. While going through any new phase and trying out a new thing, making mistakes is common. Also, what’s a human being without mistakes, right? Such mistakes can be avoided or not repeated by analyzing the problem and then looking for precautionary measures.

5 COVID classroom mistakes and ways to avoid them  

1. Sleeping through classes

You are sitting in your room, keeping the laptop beside you on which the online class is being held. Naturally, you might want to doze off, or you do doze off if the class is scheduled early in the morning. Due to being sleepy and tired, it is impossible to concentrate on what is being taught. If that happens once or twice, it is totally fine because even in physical classrooms, students would sometimes not want to study and just put their heads down. However, if this becomes a habit and the student continuously misses lessons due to being lazy or sleepy, it could highly affect their education. Well, you can avoid this by waking up and starting being active at least half an hour before an online class, as it would help you not be sleepy. Also, the posture matters, so sitting up straight on a chair helps concentrate more than reclining on a bed. 

2. Lack of participation in the class

In a physical class, the teacher could know if a student is participating or not. It’s simple for a trained teacher or even for anyone to understand through a person’s body language if they are mentally present in the situation or not. It becomes impossible to know if a student is attentive in an online class with cameras turned off. Even if teachers want their students to participate, they would ask questions. It is not necessary that everyone would respond. The onus of actively participating in a class lies solely upon the students. Parents must remain alert and keep asking their kids to participate in the class to avoid a lack of participation. Even the teachers may make it mandatory to keep the cameras on.  

3. Excessive screen-time

As it is due to continuous online classes, the screen-time of most students has increased. Being in front of the screen for 4 to 5 hours every day takes a toll not only on an individual’s eyes but also on the mind. Excessive screen-time will result in neck and back pain, accompanied by sleep problems, despair, anxiety, and lots more. To reduce excessive screen-time, the teachers must keep the classes informative within a shorter period. Students should also not engage with computers or phones for reasons besides something as necessary as attending classes online. Spectacles can also be purchased, which reduces the strain on the eyes. 

4. Lack of proper masking

In between waves, physical classes do happen as well. Despite physical classes sounding like an old and normal phenomenon due to COVID, it takes place with many restrictions and preventive measures. Both the students and teachers need proper masking to make life easier. The mask should be such that it is breathable and does not silence one’s voice, be it the teachers or students. 

5. Unnecessary gathering like the old days Yes, lockdowns make us all miss being together with our friends and colleagues, but it does not mean that distancing protocols should be ignored. It is seen that even though the students maintain distancing inside the classrooms, they gather up outside. If students maintain the protocols of social distancing inside the classroom, the authority should make them abide by that law even outside, for instance, the canteen. Teaching staff also should not unnecessarily gather to discuss worldly issues inside or outside the school premises.