8 Practical Home Inspection Tips That Always Help If You Are Selling Home

Home Inspection

What is the connection of home inspection with home sale and purchase? A home inspection is more like scanning of a place during which all points of damage are pointed out.

No one wants to buy a home that has leaky faucets, chipped wall paint, mismanaged lawns, and damaged home foundations, moist ceiling, and walls. Thereby, a home inspection is the activity that pinpoints all areas in a place that need repair and maintenance.

Enlisted below are the tips for those who intend to sell homes. Consider these tips before making the home inspection checklist.

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1 – Dry Out Basements

Basements are those parts of the home which are usually used turned into the storerooms. If you have done the same thing and now you are going to sell a home then rent a dryer and use it in your basement. During rainy seasons moisture collects in the basement and makes the air stale.

As time passes air quality becomes poor and poorer. When customers visit a home they do not leave a single nook that they do not observe. So, you must inspect home and see if the basement needs cleaning. Install a dryer and take out moist air from there.

2 – See If Rain Gutters Are Damaged

Rain gutters are the part of the home exterior that is prone to damage. When you are about to sell your home then visit your roof and see if the rain gutters are properly functional.

This home inspection will help you in getting a fair price and a reliable customer for your home. If rain gutters are clogged or damaged then hire handyman, or gutter repair services and get the problem fixed.

3 – Inspect If There Is Mold

Sometimes molds start growing and you do not see it. It grows and spread in inaccessible parts of your home. However, a timely inspection can help and you can find a way out.

Professional home inspectors can detect mold efficiently. If you are selling a home right after the rainy season then you must inspect for molds and algae because molds love moisture.

Most of the time mold attacks right after the rainy season when the moisture level is quite high in an area. Add mold inspection at the top of your checklist.  

4 – Paint Walls

Paint after a while loses its shine and appearance. Paint chipping and dull walls leave quite a bad impression on customers. So, hire home inspectors and let them see if you need painting services or not.

Newly installed paint leaves an impeccable impression on the buyers of your home. If there are some budget constraints then you can visit the market and select the paint of your choice. Install paint yourself and you are ready to place the tag of “For Sale” at your home.

5 – Pay Attention To Home Exterior

No one lives in the garage, lawns or driveways still you need to inspect these areas. The reason behind is quite simple. “The first impression is the last impression.” Home exterior is the first thing that a buyer looks at.

If you have maintained your lawns and driveways then there is a high chance that you succeed in impressing the buyer. So come outside and critically inspect your home.

Fix everything that looks imperfect or damaged. Pay special attention to garage doors that are prone to rusting because of moisture and water in rainy and winter seasons.

6 – Check For Plumbing Issues

One of the major things during a home inspection is the plumbing problems. Sometimes pipes start leaking and you do not notice it. However, professional home inspection companies have the latest technologies that help in pointing out the leaks in pipes.

It is advisable to inspect your home thoroughly before selling it out else you may not get the amount of money that you want. People definitely pay more for the home where they do not need to spend money on the repair.

7 – Inspect Home Security

Nowadays everyone needs home security. See if there are any issues in your home security system. Let inspectors check the locks, cameras, and alarms. Get everything in perfect order. A high-tech and advanced security mechanism increases the worth of your home.

8 – Repair Roofs

There are many types of roofs. Flat, angles, shingled roofs are installed at present. People install these roofs but roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions. So, roofs are damaged quite easily.

It is better to hire Inspection Company before home selling or purchase. They help in identifying the points where you can improve. Just act upon their advice and get a fair deal for your home.

If the aforementioned tips are followed then you will surely get the price of your property that you want. Indeed, home inspection benefits you in a number of ways for selling out your home.

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