7 Wall Mural Ideas for Living Room to Look Beautiful

Wall Mural Ideas

Everyone wants to reside in a home that is customized according to their needs.

Some like a minimalistic style while some like to have a vibrant and colorful home.

House décor involves many things such as furniture and paint. But an interesting new part of the modern house is the wall mural.

This refers to artwork that you directly paint on the wall. The thing that people love most about the wall murals are is that all the architectural elements of that particular space is seamlessly incorporated into the mural itself.

Though, you need to pick out the right design. For this, you can check out these cool Home Wall Mural to try out for your home.

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1)     The Marble Style

The marble wallpaper can easily add some life to your room without making it look odd.

If you want to decorate your house with a minimalistic style and keep everything sophisticated, this is the style you should go with.

A great tip to invite natural sunlight into your room is to pick some lighter shades! Though, it is important that all your furniture items perfectly complement your wallpaper.

Otherwise, it would not look nice and not be visually pleasing.

2)     The Flowers!

A great idea for wall murals is when you bring in floral designs. Pick your favorite season and use it as inspiration for the design.

You can pick out the sunflowers of the beautiful white lilies. Check out the many floral designs there are available and pick one that speaks to you the most.

For a subtle gentle feel, you can go for lighter shades such as spring greens and soft pinks.

However, if you prefer a much bolder look then contrast the soft hues alongside a dark backgrounder.

You can add to this look by adding in some wirework pots and special antique items!

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3)     The Urban Style

You can go with the chic urban style and paint your living room with a black and white picture of a great city or its skyline.

There are so many amazing options to choose from such as New York City’s skyline.

It is certainly a unique design that will make the house look stunning.

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4)     Bring the Landscape Inside

Landscape Inside

If you love being in the outdoors, then is the perfect design for you.

You can get a customized landscape wall murals installation right in your living room.

This is perfect for those homeowners who love the outdoors but do not get a chance to see much of it.

You can get beautiful velvet chaise with blue and purple hues.

Moreover, there’s also the option of opting for a mountainy look that is peaceful.

5)     The Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise

Go a little further than landscape designs and you will find interesting tropical ones.

There are so many intricate designs with exotic plants. The best murals are those that have a stunning white background accompanied with interesting florals and exotic birds.

Not only does this look amazing, but the room will feel quite light and breezy for you.

6)     The Tonal Option

Tonal Option

Are you a fan of a particular color and all its shades? For instance, you might love the different shades of yellow and orange hues.

These are called tonal options which will help you create a beautiful vibe to the room.

You can get different mix of hues and gradients. Make sure that your furnishings help bring out the color in the mural.

Everything should complement each other in a seamless fashion without it hurting the eyes.

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7)     Bring in That Texture

Room Texture

You should never ever hesitate to bring in a little texture in your home renovations.

The designs look even more beautiful than you would have imagines. There is a myriad of options you can choose from such as wood, concrete and bricks.

Transform your wall into something that is lively and vibrant. See which kind of style your house is going for and then accordingly choose the texture of the mural. 

Some great options include mosaic tile wallpapers and whitewash brick.

These are some of the styles you could go with when it comes to decorating your wall.

Remember that you can stick with a plain white one but that would be too boring.

Use your creativity to create a stunning wall that makes the entire house look amazing.