5 Assumptions About Social Media That Will Lead to Failure

5 Assumptions About Social Media That Will Lead to Failure

Social media campaigns are a smart and creative way to build up business. It’s a great way to reach new and existing customers because almost everyone is using a social media platform in one way or another.

Although, without doing adequate research before deploying a social media campaign, a business might find themselves falling victims to a failed campaign instead.


This usually due to a business making incorrect assumptions when it comes to information about their customers and what about your business really catches their interest.

It might seem like a great idea for your business to create its own social media website, but don’t assume that your customers will have the time to join yet another social networking website.

You’re already trying to compete with your customer’s busy workday, and if they are using social media, they are probably spending it in places other than your website or platform.

Re-position your strategy so it is aimed at connecting with your customers where they are already spending their time when online and without having to give them one more place to go.

Best Social Media Information:

The best part of social media is that it allows for information to be shared more easily. The more your customers pass on the word about your business and service to friends and family, the more business you’ll receive.

Take the Facebook “like” and “share” button, for example. Both can actually be efficient in spreading of information to others on social networking sites, but information is also likely to sit there as well if no one on those sites does anything with it.


Another misstep that businesses make is that they make their information too difficult to share. Business’s attempt to draw people in by enticing them with something like a free or discount product or service, but then a simple click turns into jumping through more hoops that your customers have the time and patience for.

Examine what you are really telling your customers about your business. You should be giving customers reasons why they need your product, but you have to be doing it the right way.

Essentially, they don’t care much about why your product is better than the competition or how it holds up against an older model. They are more concerned about how your product or service will meet their specific need.

Instead of offering the product or service, offer the solution that customers will get from buying your product or service instead.

When using social media sites, you need to consider how to reach more than your customers who are on Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses Experts Tips In Social Media

Businesses expect quick success and results by putting their services and products on Facebook, but unless you have thousands of people liking and sharing your page, your information is likely just bouncing around to no one in particular, if being shared at all.

If your intention is to reach as many people as possible, try posting links and ads to websites related to your product and service. In doing so, you have the potential to reach and share information with customers you know will already be frequenting the website and will see your information.

The biggest assumption that can lead to social media failure is actually letting your social media marketing replace your traditional marketing.

To take your success to the next level, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your traditional marketing.

One way to incorporate the two is by prompting customers to find you on Facebook or Twitter when sending out direct mailings or newsletters, etc.

This way you will prompt customers who are already receiving your traditional forms of marketing to connect with you on the social media end in order to find out even more about your business.

With the right knowledge in using social media and being well-prepared in how to correctly connect with your customers, you can confidently execute a social media strategy that you know will catch everyone’s attention.

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